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We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals who love what we do. We conceive web development as a field in which many others converge. Working together, we are able to optimize all the necessary tools to bring the vision of our clients to port.

victoria bianco


web design and development

Bachelor of Fine Arts from de The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA, 1997). Master in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Visual Arts from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid (Spain, 2002).

Since 2001 Victoria develops websites for customers from various countries including Italy, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. She currently resides in the Chilean Patagonia and continues to develop websites from her house immersed in nature.

“A great team with creative profiles and a wide knowledge in entrepreneurship, communication, and marketing. They’ve been able to provide me with something different, truly original …”

Oh!Carol Tortas


federico bianco


translation + online marketing

Federico graduated from the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, and received his Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Canadá. Postgraduate from Digital Marketing Institute. He currrently lives and works in Chicago, IL, USA

At Biancoweb, he brings his knowledge of digital marketing, account management and translation and localization for multilingual projects with extensive experience in the sector.

He is interested in languages ​​- he is bilingual in English and Spanish, fluent in French and Italian and has knowledge of Russian – as well as music, sports and photography.

paulina tallarico


graphic design

Graphic Designer graduated from Fundación Gutemberg (2001). Degree in Multimedia Design from UNA. She worked for the Government of Buenos Aires City, where she received the Golden Mate.ar award.

She’s been working as a graphic designer and web developer since 2000. She currently works at the Ministry of Agriculture and ATE, in addition to carrying out independent projects in corporate identity design, stationery, brochures, websites, advertising, audiovisual and communication campaigns.

She’s passionate about the arts, particularly photography, painting and theater.



writing + proofreading

Proofreader and copywriter (Instituto Superior de Letras Eduardo Mallea, CABA, Argentina).

She understands that what is most important about the written word is for them to convey what we want to express while taking into account the target audience. Therefore, through personal interviews she is able to proofread, comprehend what is to be converyed, and write it .


daniela tallarico


design + programming

Bachelor of Multimedia Art, Universidad Nacional de las Artes (2010).

She’s been working in the field of web design and programming since 2010. She conducts layout design, online newsletters, mass mailings, stationery, brochures, tutorials and websites.

In parallel, she exercises her passion for the visual and performing arts.


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